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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

People in Detroit in solidarity with Juarez

Money has never been one of my favorite things, yet I know that it's necessary for living. When I was told about the need to raise funds for the Juarez trip, I immediately thought of all the parishes at which I have ministered and decided to speak to the pastors about the possibility of asking for support from the parishioners. I have been at St.Anne's, St. Gabriel's, Maria Madre de la Iglesia, Queen of Angels, Most Holy Trinity, Holy Redeemer, and St. Hedwig's. These are all inner city parishes in Detroit.

I am humbled by the response of the people, by their generosity, their promise of prayers. and all the hugs and love that have filled my heart.

Allow me to share one of my most favorite experiences: I had lost track of a former catechist of mine and when we finally reconnected, hearing my voice on the phone she broke out in tears. It was more that just tears -- there were sobs and she finally said that she couldn't take the pain any longer: She had just learned that her mother in Mexico had serious cancer, her husband had an infection that the doctors told her could be fatal and her little boy also seemed to have the same infection. Plus, she had just found out that she was pregnant.
We talked at length and I said that I wished we were face to face so I could have just held her and received her pain. Finallly she asked me what I was doing. I shared with her my plan of going to Juarez, also telling her how I was seeking support at all the parishes where I had ministered. Her reply - in the midst of all her pain -was that she was going to make some flan and sell it. She wanted to be part of my cause and help me. Wow, what selflessness!!
Then, it was I who had to cry and thank her for her goodness and compassion for the people of Juarez! I have received support beyond my expectations that tells me, "Yes, the people in southwest Detroit are in solidarity with Michigan Peace team and want to be part of the effort to empower the people of Juarez."

They know that Peace is Possible!

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