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Monday, December 6, 2010

Juarez continues mourning

The family is a very jovial family that enjoys a good joke. They all work as mechanics using their own garage to put in long hours of work. Their oldest son was missing for several days. The family was worried. Someone found his body in a dumpster showing signs of assassination.
A humble, humble family had two young men assassinated outside of their side entrance where a group of young people liked to hang out. The sidedoor was always open. The young men were friends of the family. A few days later shots were heard and Mrs. wittnessed her husband and eldest son assassinated but this time inside the court-yard. The pain and fear of the rest of the family has caused them to put chains on their doors and live a very secluded life.

A young man named Hugo ran down to the shopping center to purchase a bag of chips before going to work. He was gunned down, right in front of the busy store. Hugo's eldery parents were notified and his mother, Arceli proclaimed in shock, "I don't know how I was able to move so fast!"
She arrived at the crime scene only to find her son dead in a pool of blood.

The funeral mass was over and many went to the cemetary to accompany the family. As they were leaving they met up with armend men who had the people that were accompaning another funeral down on the ground in rows!! They were filled with fear and tried to look for an alternative exit. They feared being part of a cross fire because the federales (goverment soldiers) came on the scene.
Many cannot even bury their dead in peace.
These are families that MPT continues to accompany.

*Names in this document have been changed in order to protect the families*

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  1. Has estado en mis pensamientos y oraciones, Hermana, y aunque lo que publicas en este "blog" es trágico, me alienta leer noticias tuyas. Se lee en las portadas sobre la violencia en México en estos días, pero tu "blog" lo hace más personal para mí--menos abstracto y más tangible. Mereces todas las oraciones, ángeles y respetos posibles. Misericordia, Señor, sobre tus hijos, y muy en especial los hijos de Juárez y los que han decidido integrarse a esa ciudad para ser tus manos. ¡Bendiciones!