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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November 3, 2009

Tuesday we visited the Human Rights center that invited the MPT to come to Juárez. There were 12 dedicated people who began their work in 2001.They have developed clear vision and mission statements throughout the years.They have analyzed the situation and planned educational workshops, formed different committees, and are working to deepen their commitment to the community.We also saw two presentations,one regarding the internal functioning of the group and the other showed reported statistics about the increase of homicides since the military arrived in Juárez. Also.they provide legal and psychological help to individuals and for groups that have been deeply affected by the violence.

In the evening, our team met with a neighborhood reflection group consisting of elderly women. These women shared personal experiences with violence, i.e., kidnapping, home invasion by the military, and homicides. Hearing their stories, the team was deeply moved.


  1. I am so proud to know the members of this Team. You truly represent the heart, soul, and spirit of MPT. THANK YOU!!

  2. Thank you for listening to the people of Juarez. I look forward to learning what you have experienced upon your return