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Friday, November 13, 2009

November 10, 2009

The Team attended a workshop in which a socio-political expert presented a multifaceted analysis of Mexico’s past, present and future. He stated that there have been cyclical trends of civil unrest and serious social problems, followed significant changes. The speaker predicted that a great positive change will take place in 2010, that will have a significant impact on the youth and strengthen the family unit. This change would be in contrast to current high levels of organized crime, global financial collapse, drug trafficking, and the petroleum crisis.
The analyst pointed out that the majority of those convicted of crimes in Juárez are of low socio-economic class and there is manipulation of information transmitted to the population. People are paralyzed with fear, lack trust of police entities at all levels of government. He also stated that when social problems are not acknowledged they cannot be resolved.
This speaker affirmed that grassroots people need to be empowered to make social changes. They must have hope and dreams, as well as, leadership and solidarity with others.

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