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Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Endings

My father always said; “No hay un mal de donde no salga un bien” There is nothing bad that happens from which something good can come. Last week a family that owned a small neighborhood store in one of the colonias and had lived in that colornia for many years, had their daughter kidnapped. The family was well known and loved. The family had to raise thousands of pesos if they wanted their daughter back!! One can only imagine the pain and desperation of this father who began to sell and borrow to have the ransom money. The neighbors gathered in solidarity and began to bring him little by little small savings, the money they had to pay their bills, the money they had saved for an emergency and a small miracle happened that with the help of all the neighbors this father was able to have the ransom money. When word was out that the daughter was to be returned, the neighbors began to pour out into the street, and there was such an outpouring of love and unity that no one could hold back the tears and joy. The street was filled with children, youth, the old all united as good neighbors to end a nightmare with embraces of welcome and so much love.
To hear the enthusiasm and gratefulness of the person who shared this story with me just filled me with gratitude for a happy ending. It also helped me apply my father’s wisdom, to every day happenings to life here in Juraez.


  1. Querida Nina,

    Your message about the solidarity and love of neighbors speaks so much of not just what you are doing for our dear hermanos y hermanas in Juarez, but WHO YOU ARE! Thank you for being so generous with God's gifts to you.

    Love, Kit

  2. Don Anacleto was right Sr. Nina! Thank you for sharing that wonderful story with us.