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Friday, September 3, 2010

In the Beginning

Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Juarez is a city of many different views given by many forms. The media has portrayed it as a city with constant drug warfare, malicious murders and kidnappings, and little love. When Nina and I arrived here in Juarez we were greeted with beautiful skies, wonderful people, and absolutely no danger. Julie took us to the Centro where we met some of the women that we would be working with for the next few months. The Centro is covered in pictures of love, and ideas of hope and a better future for Juarez. The women took us to our house where we will be staying for the next few months. A woman here in Juarez has graciously offered her space for us to use as our home. The houses here are different than in America. Our house is bright orange with a blue gate, like many of the houses here the colors are bright and many times do not match. According to people here, improvements to your home can get you into trouble with the gangs and mafia.
The neighborhoods here are divided into colonias; all of them have different styles, and reputations. The Colonia that we are staying in is safer than other Colonias. Women from the Centro took us walking on Wednesday night where we were surrounded by children playing in the streets, families walking to and from school, and people gathering to chat. Children here introduce themselves, kiss you on the cheek and ask a lot of questions, especially if you are from North America. We walked to a church where we attended a meeting and saw the presentation that Nicole has posted below. Members of the Centro are giving a presentation that represents Juarez yesterday, Juarez today, and what they foresee as the future of Juarez. They are fighting for their city and we as Michigan Peace Team members are being invited to stand with them in their struggle.

Today we are attending a conference at a university that promises to be absolutely amazing. Check out our next blog soon.

-Angie and Nina


  1. Hi Ang and Nina!

    What a beautiful city! It is amazing how you can look at a place and just see beauty and not the pain that lies underneath. I'm glad your team is there to help take back the city and keep the beauty inside AND out.


    Angies Aunt Cathy

  2. Ang and Nina,
    Was so glad to Skpe with you today - Be Safe and Will keep in as close contact as possible - Love you both - Ang so very proud of you. Stevan loved talking with you too

  3. So good to hear that you have arrived safely and settling in. Blessings to you.


  4. It is serendipitous that you, Nina and Angie, would begin your new ministry the week end of Labor Day. What a joyous labor of love you have entered into. Thank you for the blog and the explanation of the Colonias. I look forward to learning more as your days progress. May the dear Lord Bless and keep you safe. Sepulveda

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