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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Let's Dance

A group of women were so tired of hearing bad news and were tired of constantly being offered classes to analyze the reality that they said:’’ We need something to help us deal with living this painful reality. We need something to help us with all this stress. Some have had family members killed, some have had neighbors killed.”So after much persistence t hey were heard, and a workshop on free movement was offered. I accompanied them and we all had a most pleasant 3 hours of dancing to music that helped you just flow like water, music that helped you release tightness that is being held in your body, music that helped you imagine beauty surrounding you, we all danced and danced sometimes with our eyes open and other times looking into each other’s eyes. During the session we were all put into groups of five and given a piece of paper. We each had a chance to dance and those in your small group who observed you wrote five words about what they saw in your dance. We then used those words to write a poem. Many spoke of the peace they felt from the tension that they are living. One woman had to be taken to emergency that evening because the dance didn’t begin to heal the stress she is living in and was hospitalized at the brink of a stroke. I am amazed at the resiliency of women who have known so much pain and am most grateful to dance with them and being part of their healing process.

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