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Sunday, October 24, 2010

MPT accompanies march for Medical Personnel

On Friday October 22nd MPT accompanied a march for medical personnel who have been killed in Juarez due to the on going violence. The violence has been spreading through every part of daily life in mexico. Drug dealers and Cartels extort businesses, teachers, doctors, hospitals, families, groups working for human rights, employees of the government. There is no escape in Juarez from the cartels, there is no safe house, no justice system, no system of security for the people. unfortunately when a Cartel or Gang member puts a "hit" (ordered murder) out on someone, they expect the job to be finished and completed. Any victims of a shooting who are brought to the hospital, are now being killed along with doctors and nurses inside the hospital. Hundreds of people showed up in order to show support for those who have lost their lives, and those who are fighting for justice. Doctors, nurses, rescue workers, 32 organizations, and a few hundred people marched from a local shopping mall to a government building. Nina and I marched on opposite sides observing not only the number of police officers that were accompanying and guarding this protest, but the people who were involved in the march itself. We had a very high number of police officers accompanying the protest, I could not come to a reason as to why. The people were extremely calm, sad, and angry. Their anger was not directed as putting more people in pain but at finding a solution to the violence.

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