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Friday, October 8, 2010

A look of compassion

During the week I go to 8:00 mass on most days. Last Wednesday as we were giving a ride to several senior citizens, we stopped for a red light. There was a young man selling papers and I looked at him with eyes of compassion and love. It was a brief encounter but a very heartfelt one for me. I thought about his struggle to make a living selling papers, about where he must live and if he even had family. The next morning as I walked to a woman’s circle in one of the colonias a woman commented that the paper boy on the corner had been assassinated at 4:00 in the afternoon on Wednesday. I couldn’t hold back the tears as I heard the news, why, how, my heart was filled with questions. So many are being assassinated and there are no answers as to why or who is responsible: just one more has died, three have been assassinated, five have been assassinated…and the pain of the families that receive the news how can they continue to face life? So many families choose to leave, so many poor families cannot leave. There are no answers and the violence continues to escalate. How Long, O Lord? How Long?


  1. Nina - I know how painful this has been for you. Thank you for sharing. Know that we are praying here in Michigan.

  2. Celebramos hoy en Santa Ana la misa de los ángelitos, e hiciste mucha falta. ¡Cuántos ángelitos perdidos por todo el mundo. El dilema de Juárez no es "Mexicano," sino "global." Todas las ciudades donde se asesinan impunemente son "Juárez." Su dolor es nuestro dolor. Te seguimos apoyando y rezando por ti en tu ministerio. ¡Bendiciones!