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Monday, November 15, 2010

Juarez is in mourning

Juarez is in mourning. We all know that mourning is a process. For some healing comes after many tears, depression, questioning and pain. MPT has accompanied many families during this time of mourning.

One family had their 18 year old son, the youngest of 3 siblings, assassinated in front of their little store. The mother heard the shots and ran out only to see her son in a pool of blood. He was unrecognizable. She held him in her arms as he took his last breath.

The mother believes that death has cursed her. When she was very young her father died and being the oldest she had to help her mother raise her siblings. She said she worked very hard so that there would be food on the table. She married and when her children were very young her husband died and again she is left alone to raise the children. Now her 18 year old son was assassinated.

Another mother, with two precious little girls age 10 months and 2 years, was with her husband visiting a relative of his in the hospital. He received a call and proceeded to step out of the hospital where he was gunned down. Both the mother and the two year old need psychological help. She is from the southern part of Mexico and longs to be united with family, but paper work takes forever and meanwhile she has no income.

An 82 year old women witnessed the assassination of her nephew and her two sons; the the gunmen left saying that they had made a mistake! Her story is beyond words.

These are just a few of the families that MPT has accompanied. Last week at the grocery store while I was waiting in line a woman started a conversation with me after we both read the headlines of the paper: “Father comes home to find wife and children assassinated.” She proceeded to tell me that the 3 children she had with her had lost both their parents, they had been assassinated!

In this city of Juarez there have been 2,700 assassinations this year, October being the deadliest. The mourning that must be attended to will take months, years, it is said that there is no greater pain than the pain of a mother losing her child. How much more is the pain when the death is such a tragic death and so many parents have witnessed such deaths. Yes Juarez is in mourning.

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  1. Oh Sister Nina, how incredibly sad. Sin palabras, no hay palabras para expresar mi tristeza en saber que mis hermanos sufren tanto en Juarez. But I send my love, prayers and hope for a better life for the children of Juarez. Con mucho dolor, Que Dios te bendia y todo tu trabajo.