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Friday, November 5, 2010

MPT accompanies representatives of four colonias

On Friday November 5th MPT accompanied representatives from four different colonias to the "Presidencia Municipal". Representatives from four colonias came together through the popular committees in order to obtain improvements for their colonias to be safer. At 1030 we met the group outside of the Presidencia where they strategized and the signed the papers dictating their requests and needs. The group is requesting the government pave their streets, clean the parks and fields, provide assistance for manual labor(i.e giving trucks for the colonia to be able to haul trash away), and many other requests the people believe to be necesssary. The group walked inside with Angie towards the front and Nina further back. 10 women, 1 gentleman, and 1 child served the secretary with the papers and asked that they be given to Teto. The sectetary gave the representatives a slip of paper with the number they should call to follow up about the issues and their requests. Overall this experience was very relaxed, and empowering for the people that we accompanied.

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