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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Who will play with the children?

A group that has been working with the children in the colonias has as a goal to create a space for the children to  play together and respect each other, especially during this time of violence. Lately, one of the instructors has had some very difficult situations to deal with.
First, there was word that a white van had picked up two girls and fear was running high as word got around, the children were sent home early. On another occasion the Federales were looking for someone and were knocking at different homes, close to where the children were playing, their masked faces, and machine guns created an atmosphere of terror.
During another session a man appeared at the door and was ready to expose himself. On another occasion a thirteen year old that had been coming to the group and had received a death threat was actually picked up at 11:00 in the morning by armed men, the same instructor was meeting with a group of women when this occurred.
The fear that is growing in this colonia in the children, women and now their instructor is causing people to just want to go into their homes and lock their doors. Those who can move away do so.

Who will play with the Children? MPT has accompanied this group but will they continue to meet?

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